About me

I’m Akshay Yaravalli, Professional Digital Marketer / Content Creator. Started my Career as Digital marketer in 2014. I’m the founder of Daylogy.in an Online source that helps consumers to choose the best products & services by listing all information, Expert Reviews & Rating and Guide them towards purchase decision according to their need. I worked as Digital Marketer on E-commerce companies like customfurnish.com, batchtag.com, etc. And also helped Startup companies to build their website, brand and social presence from scratch.

Professional Digital Marketer with passion for Content Marketing, Surpassing social media skills and Fresh promotion strategies. Skilled in building Brands and campaigns from scratch as well as revamping outdated web presence.

Track and analyze website traffic flow and provide regular internal reports

Increase Leads and Traffic by Continually work on the SEO of the website

Develop and manage digital marketing campaigns and social media strategy

Plan and Implement video content for Online promotion

Professionally create Attractive graphics and Infographics

Multi-task and work on various tasks at any given time, sometimes simultaneously

Advertisement Designing and Visually presentation.

Create online advertisement and oversee pay per click (PPC) ad management

And more...